About the Artist

The short biography of Andrea Plotts. The artist behind "Altered Whimsey".

Bourne in 1984, she comes from Concord, North Carolina, the eldest of five siblings. By the age of four she was already making her mark in the art world ~ garnishing her first award in Kindergarten.  By high school, she established herself in the Art Club, obtaining President her Junior and Senior years. By 2002, she entered a new phase of her life, graduating high school, and stepping away from Concord. She married her high school sweetheart the following year.  In the Spring of 2007, she decided it was time to break away from her North Carolina roots, and lay a new foundation in West Virginia. There her creative musings developed further in the fine and mixed media arts. She splits her artistic time between her personal explorations and her art for sale. This is how "Altered Whimsey" was bourne, as she wanted to have a place to showcase the creations from both sides of her soul. She has her sights on getting her name out into the art world professionally, and with each commissioned piece of art, she is a step closer to that goal. Don't be surprised to find her at an art show or festival in the coming months! 2008 is the year she is launching a campaign to grow her audience!

                                                                                                         Written by: MLc 08